Working through Fallout 3


As I said in my game of the year post, I really like Fallout 3. I also really like PSN trophies. I’ve decided that I want to try to get a platinum on fallout so I’ve been going through and doing all the quests. Most of them arent too hard to get, but the ones that are going to be the most work are the get to level 20 as Good/Neutral/Evil. I’m not really looking forward to playing through it 3 times just trying to get to level 20. In any case, I’ve really been enjoying a lot of the sidequests. I’m running into some problems with finding enough bobbypins to unlock everything I run across. I wish there was an infinately usable lockpick like in Oblivion.

Right now I’m working on “The Nuka-Cola Challenge” and “Agatha’s Song“. I only need like 3 or 4 more Quantums! I have about 14 of the 20 Bobbleheads, as well.


  1. just save the game at level 19 and kill everyone one in megaton, then get level 20 for the evil path. reload and kill half of megaton for the neutral path.

    make sure you get sheet music in vault 87 for agatha.

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