Venom Snake Cosplay: A How To (WIP)

This costume list is a work in progress. I have not yet done a cosplay as Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V, but I figured I’d chart my progress as I work on it. My Naked Snake Cosplay seems to have been helpful for a lot of people, so I wanted to have an updated version for MGSV.

There are several parts to the Venom Snake costume that are the same as Metal Gear Solid 3, and a couple of notable differences.

Venom Snake’s BDUs

Actually, the BDUs in MGSV are the same ones that I recommended in my Naked Snake Cosplay. You could use the Vietnam Era Tiger Stripe I recommended in the previous cosplay tutorial (Shirt, Pants). MGSV does take place in 1984, though so a more modern tiger stripe would probably be more acurate. Luckily, this is easier to find, too. This shirt, and these pants look pretty correct and are a more updated version of the print.

Tactical Vest


This vest looks pretty close to what Big Boss wears. It looks like he is wearing a modified parachute harness under it, though.

Under Harness

This harness isn’t exactly correct, but its the closest one that you can buy. If you don’t want to make your own I think this is a good option. The only part that looks wrong is the leg area. I think it could easily be modified to work. Ultimately, what Big Boss’ harness should be is basically the stabo harness I made for the MGS3 cosplay, but with an additional strap across the upper chest.


Snake wears a scarf in MGSV called a shemagh. They are pretty readily available, but most of them have a pattern to them. His scarf actually looks smooth, and it doesn’t look like his actually has the tied fringe parts, but overall I think this scarf looks as accurate as anything I’ve seen so far. I also think the texture of it looks really good.

Right Glove (The other arm is Bionic)

These gloves are the same ones I recommended in the previous Big Boss Cosplay. I think they are still accurate to this costume. Same modification necessary. Cut of the thumb, pointer, and middle finger.

Bionic Arm

Build guide coming soon

Knee Brace

Just get your basic black knee brace. Get as simple a knee brace as you can. Naked Snake’s is about 7 to 8 inches of black stretch fabric. Make sure you don’t get one of the ones with a hole in the front. In MGSV the knee brace has some circular grommets on the front side, 2 above the knee, 2 below.



Any “jungle boot” will work. Depending on how much your willing to spend you can spend a lot or a little, but I’d usually recommend spending more on the boots if you’re going to be at a con since you’ll be walking all day. Also get gel insoles. If you’re going for authenticity, these are the closest I’ve found. They are really good quality, I wear mine pretty often day to day.

Butt Pack

naked snake butt pack

Standard Butt Pack. I cut off some of the extra strapping.

Pistol Belt and Canteen


This is the most accurate pistol belt I’ve seen. Has the same type of closure as Big Boss’ and comes with clips that you can use to attach your pouches and stuff.


In MGSV the guns are unlicensed so finding something perfectly accurate will be a challenge.

AM D114 Equivalent


If you want a basic gun, and one that fits the holster below, I’d suggest getting some kind of M1911A1.

Wu Pistol Equivalent


If you want to show that you’re a stealthy secret boy you may want to get something that resembles the games Wu Pistol like the Ruger Mark 1.

Thigh Holster


For the holster in MGSV regardless of the pistol, snake is wearing a thigh holster. Depending on the type of gun you want to carry, or how accurate you want to be to the model in game you have to be a little careful that the gun you choose will fit.

For the M1911A I think this is the most game accurate holster I could find. You’ll need to get a separate extension for it to weir it on your thigh, though.

If you do want to go with the Ruger, I’d say because of the larger barrel you’ll probably just want a universal holster. With this holster it attaches to molle webbing, so you’ll need a leg panel to attach it.



If you want to be completely accurate you’ll need a 1980s Seiko Digiborg watch. Seiko recently had a partnership to re-release a similar watch, but its like $600. Yuck. They are also really really hard to find. I’d recommend getting a cheap casio (AE1200WH-1A) digital watch. Similar shape and layout. Not accurate, but you’ll save several hundred dollars.


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