Johnny “Akiba” Sasaki – MGS4 Cosplay


Going as Naked Snake to Comic Con in 2007 was so fun that I decided I wanted to do another MGS cosplay. This time I’ll be going as Johnny Akiba, MGS4’s comic relief.

Let me say that doing gear heavy costumes like this are always going to be expensive. So if you are going for accuracy, its gonna cost you. Taking this into account I’ve started assembling the pieces of this costume about a year before I actually plan on wearing it.

Gun – Beige XM8 Airsoft

XM8 Airsoft

Akiba uses a beige XM8 for most of the game, and it appears in his official art, so I figured I’d go with that. I found the one pictured above on This one is $60, which I didnt think was too bad for an airsoft rifle. They also have one for cheaper, but it looks like it may be the sniper model, and doesnt even come with the scope, which is weird.

Boots – Merrell Sawtooth

Akiba\'s boots

I’ve got to give the credit here to my girlfriend, Liz. She found the exact boots that are used by Foxhound Rat Patrol 01 in MGS4. They are Merrell brand Sawtooth hiking boots. We got ours from They are unfortunately $90, but they are pretty comfortable.

Plate Carrier – Fast Attack Plate Carrier

I got the foxhound plate carrier from It’s the exact design of the plate carriers Rat Patrol use. There are several other molle pouches and stuff that I’ll need to add to it.

Foxhound Patch


I ordered mine awhile ago from some place in the UK. It was WAY too expensive. Thanks to Moo for posting This website. Where you can pick one up. Another benefit is that the prices are reasonable.  What I plan on doing too attachi it is getting some velcro and ironing it onto the back and then just attaching it to the Plate Carrier’s velcro section.


  1. cool thanks for doing the work for me. now i just need money and ecsess to comic con. if you dont mind may i add you on psn?
    ps. nice sight

  2. Hey Man,
    Glad to have helped you out. As far as PSN, right now I’m only adding people that I know in real life. I gave you my MGO name so add me as a friend there if you want. Take care!

  3. I don’t think his stuff is leather. His body gear is a “sneaking suit” and leather is too noisy. I’d bet that in the game its meant to be some kind of synthetic rubberized material or something. The balaclava, especially in the middle-east would be extremely hot if it were leather and would pretty much make breathing impossible, I think I’ll probably go with a nylon one so that it has a little sheen to it.

  4. The mask he wears is very similar to the underarmor tactical hood which runs between 10-15$
    IT’s the only thing that matches his mask and it’s reasonably comfortable compared to most mask which is capable of being a half mask for the lower half of the face.
    As for his suit I would suggest underarmor or another brand that has milt. approval for it’s comfort and material in all terrain.
    As for his gloves, it is very similar to most common tactical gloves used by various milt. and police organizations, but it’s best to do your shopping on that one, best to try chief supply since they are well stocked on apparel

  5. Oh and if you do look into underarmor, it’s best to look on sites that sell the products since underarmor sell certain products according to season so if you are facing hot or cold weather be sure to look or select cold or heat gear so the material will be more suitable tothe area.
    good luck again on the costume, I’m still looking into the stuff too but my main choice is to be a vault dweller

  6. hey Kyle, i was wondering if you had a screen shot of Johnny’s back or an idea of what items you are going to use for that part of the costume.
    good luck

  7. Hey Mylar,
    I don’t think I have a screenshot of his back, but I know he has a molle camelback/hydration bag with some other molle bags on there. I haven’t looked up specifics yet, though. Sorry!

  8. if you want an easy pic of Akiba back, just log in at mgo and select him during a training session. then take a photo with the in-game camera using 2nd controller. then go to the photo gallery and export the photo to your ps3

  9. I found a website that sells Foxhound patches, and are a little bit cheaper, they also sell any other patch you can think of!

  10. It’s probably late but you should get two size medium armor plates for the front and back internal armor pouches for the FAPC. In the game you can see the shape of the plating in the carrier. You can find the replicas on sites like or that way the FAPC looks more crisp like in the game.

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  12. i’m thinking of doing akiba big boss or once of the pmc groups in the game for halloween this year i’m glad i founnd this so i at least know what to look for

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