A sad day for gamers


According to a post on GAF 1up has been sold to UGO/Hearst. As a result, EGM will be discontinued, all of the 1up podcasts ceased, and the 1up show cancelled. So much for the best, brightest, and most trusted gaming news on the internet (and a good 5 hours of listening material per week).

In addition 40 1up/EGM employees were sacked in this buyout.


1up.com – exodus continues

Today Shawn Elliott announced his departure from 1up.com so that he could go work at 2k Boston (the team behind BioShock). This is just the latest in a long line including Jeff Green, Dan Hsu, Patrick Klepek, Crispen Boyer, Luke Smith, John Davison, Karen Chu, and Brian Intihar to leave the videogame website. It’s sad because through their fantastic podcasts, and The 1up Show us listeners/watchers/readers develop a kind of familiarity with EGM’s and 1up’s Editors and Staff.

My favorite podcast is now all but dismantled with the loss of Jeff and Shawn. It was good while it lasted.