I hate my F5D8233-4 router!

So, I’m not entirely sure that the router is the problem, but im pretty sure it is. The comcast guy came out here today and did some stuff that was supposed to fix my connection problems but it didn’t really change anything. My connection is still disconnecting me randomly and stalling out when downloading large files. It’s really frustrating. I tried calling comcast again tonight but the idiot on the other end suggested that my connection problem is because of Javascript…

[Update]: So I did a test last night to make sure it was the router. I plugged my laptop directly into the cable modem and started downloading the 1up show (which is a large file, and downloads slow from 1up’s servers so it fit my purposes well). After several hours the download still hadn’t stalled, when it would within 30 minutes through the router.

I looked on belkin’s website to see if there was anything else I could do, and sure enough, there is a lifetime warrenty on this sucker, so I requested an RMA. They’ll be sending me a new router (hopefully one of the update hardware revisions) and I’ll be sending them my old busted one. If it doesnt work, I’m only out the cost of postage. I figure its worth trying before dropping cash on an entirely new one. Unfortunately, they had to put like a $100 hold on my debit card which will be returned to me once they get the broken router.