They say that bad things happen in threes.

Lets hope that it ends there. Over the past several weeks I’ve had to deal with a lost-in-the-mail camera lens, a double charged iPhone + applecare plan, and now today a sickly computer. I would very much like this to be the last of these events.

Today Liz was playing LOTRO and the computer started crashing. I assumed it was a driver issue so I updated them. No good. Looking inside the case to make sure that the connections were solid I noticed a dust issue. Maybe the CPU was overheating. We went and got some canned air at Best Buy and I blew out the inside of the case. According to CoreTemp that dropped the CPU temp by about 7 degrees Celsius. Unfortunately it didn’t fix anything. I uninstalled the drivers in safe mode and let it reinstall them on its own. It seemed to work, but a few hours later when she went to play it flipped out again eventually crashing to a blue screen. Even after restarting the computer was flashing green and pink and showing hundreds of flashing squares ( had to reinstall the drivers again to get it to stop). I ordered a cheap new nvidia video card (which will probably still be more powerful than my now 4 year old 8800 GTX). If this solves the problem awesome, if not… maybe its the RAM? Whatever, that’s cheap too. Past that though… They say that bad things happen in threes.