Batman Drawing!


Playing Arkham Asylum has gotten me really into the Batman comics. In the past few weeks I’ve read All-Star Batman & Robin, Batman Hush, Battle for the Cowl, Batman R.I.P., and just started reading The Long Halloween. I guess it doesn’t come as much of a surprise that the more I’ve read the more I wanted to draw a Batman picture. I tend to like the short ear style on Batman, so I went with a mix between Jim Lee and the animated series. Click on either the image above or here for a high rez version.

Batman Arkham Asylum (Holy crap!)

For someone that isn’t crazy into comics I am a reasonably large fan of Batman. As far back as the NES batman games were always mediocre side-scrollers or beat-em-ups, but seeing these leaked screens of the upcoming Batman Arkham Asylum fills me with hope. It looks like its taking Chris Nolan’s lead with a gritty, more realistic look at the batman universe. I think that these characters translate better to 3d space than DC Universe Online or MK vs. DC.

All 16 leaked screens are after the jump.

Thanks to NeoGAF user Endless for grabbing the screens before they got pulled.

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