MGO Update: New Sneaking Mission mode and map

MGO update

I’ve been playing Metal Gear Online pretty heavily for the past few days. Today Konami announced that they have added a new game mode, and a new map to the Beta. In this new “Sneaking Mission” game mode one player plays as Snake, and the rest of the people are divided into Red and Blue teams.

As Snake, you go around trying to steal a set number of dog tags. This is done by either holding people up, or stunning them with the stun knife or CQC.

The Red and Blue teams will win by being first to take down Snake, or by having the most number of kills at the end of the round’s time.

The new map, Midtown Maelstrom (M.M.), is set in the Middle East and consists of tightly packed corridors and streets as well as some interiors.

Metal Gear Online Beta : Thoughts

So, I’ve had 2 days to play the MGO beta. After playing TF2 so often its kind of hard for me to switch to tactical shooters. I like that you can switch between auto-aim (which hits the enemy’s core) or go to manual aim and aim for the 1 hit kill of a head-shot. I also really like the capture points game mode. Its pretty awesome. Death match and Team Death match are also fun. One of my favorite techniques to use in Deathmatch is to put a Dirty Magazine on the ground and hide in my cardboard box. Then I wait for someone to pass by and get distracted by the Mag. Then I switch to manual shooting and pop them in the head. Fun times.

MGO Update ready for download

Konami has released update 1.02 for their Metal Gear Solid Online Premiere Beta. Relax, its a quick download. Took me about 5 minutes to update it.

The beta officially starts Friday at midnight Pacific time (OK, technically Sat).

More Metal Gear Online Beta news

Metal Gear Online Screen

Ok, so now the Metal Gear Online Beta is “planned” to be released on Friday, the 25th. Planned. That means Konami is trying to get their servers ready. Hopefully this time the thing can get off the ground. I’m just happy the thing wasnt freakin’ canceled like was being presupposed on GAF.

Metal Gear Online β Download Now Live

Metal Gear Online Beta

Thats right ladies and gents, the MGO Beta is now available for download. Its not just sitting on the store, though. To get it go to Account Management > Transaction Management > Redeem Playstation Card/Promotion Code. After this type in your beta key (It is case sensitive, so use caps where applicable).

The beta doesnt start till the 21st, so dont get your panties in a twist about downloading it right away. You have some time.

I put some more screens of the download screen after the jump.

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