New, New, New Boots


I haven’t been having very good luck with boots. The pair of Aldo boots that I bought at the beginning of December have broken. The sole split where your foot flexes, and the heels are worn down pretty bad. I tried to go see if I could get them fixed, but the shoe repair guy said it’d cost like $50 to fix them, and seeing as I only spent like $80 on them to begin with it didn’t really make much sense. Liz suggested that I buy a really nice pair, so if they did break it would make sense to fix them, plus they’d probably last longer to begin with. I ended up getting some Blokes “Sick Bloke” boots. Hopefully this pair will last more than 4 months.

Update: So I just got the boots in the mail this morning and I’ve been wearing them all day at work. I really like them a lot. They look pretty sharp, and feel like they are really well made. I think their longevity is almost certainly going to trump every pair of boots I’ve owned recently… knock on wood.

New boots (attempt 2)

After my first attempt to get some boots, I needed some time to recover from the shock and dismay that I had endured. Well, its 6 months later and I’m ready to try again. I was looking around and I found some that I liked on Whats even better is that they are $140 boots on sale for $79, and I found a coupon on for an additional 15% off. So far so good. Also, I’ve been big into not having laces recently so this helps me continue that trend.