CO-OP now on revision 3!!!


I was always a fan of The 1up Show. When Ziff got bought out by UGO I was pretty upset. All of the journalists that I had come to respect over the years were being scattered to the wind. The 1up Show was one thing I could look forward to each week, and now it was gone. Damn.

Luckily, Matt, Ryan, Jay and the rest formed Area 5. With donations from us, the fans, they were able to continue producing amazing weekly content. Unfortunately all of these guys were still jobless so their new show CO-OP was in just as much danger as ever of going off the “air” for good.

Well today all that has changed. CO-OP is now moving to Revision 3, which puts out some of my other favorite shows including Diggnation and The Totally Rad Show. Hopefully this means that they’ll be receiving paychecks and funding. Long live CO-OP!

Season premiere tonight!

1up Show reborn as “CO-OP”


The guys that were previously responsible for the 1up show have just started their new site Area5 and posted the first episode of their new web show “CO-OP”. Throw them a bone and subscribe to their youtube page. The show feels a lot like the 1up show, which is great. Unfortunately, the youtube version looks pretty crappy because of compression. It looks a little better (though it suffers from some screen tearing) on vimeo, but I’d probably pay a couple bucks a month if they did an HD version.