Online vs Offline – Buying things.


I’m going on a trip in a few days. My step brother is getting married so I figured I’d be taking a lot of photos. Right now I just have a single 2GB SanDisk Extreme III CF card, while the card is great, it doesn’t let me take all that many photos. Today I realized that I may need additional cards. I looked at Best Buy and Walgreens and both placed had 2gb cards for around $40. I went online to (my new favorite camrea stuff store) and right on the front page they had a sale on 5 2gb SanDisk Extreme III CF cards for $50. WTF!? Even though I wont get them in time for the wedding, an additional 8GB of storage for $10? yes please.

Seriously, buying stuff in stores is fucking dead to me.

Olympus BLM-1 battery replacement on the cheap

Olympus brand replacement batteries for E-500 cameras are expensive. The official Olympus BLM-1 battery MSRPs for $90. You can find it online for around $44, but still. If you already have a battery that is a lot of money for a backup. Enter the BLM-1 Replacement battery by Adorama. It’s $4, and judging by the reviews pretty much equivalent to the official one. Mine is in the mail.

Thanks to el chupapadre for the tip.

Killians Brewmaster’s Tasting Kit – Free


Gizmodo is one of my core few websites that I read multiple times a day. Everyday they have a post called Dealzmodo, where they list out deals on various stuff around the web. Within that post there is usually a section called Hobomodo, where they list some stuff that you can get for free. Today they had a tasting kit from Killians that comes with 4 glasses, a bottle opener, and some other materials that show you how you’re supposed to taste beer. Seemed like a pretty good deal for $0. Check out this link for instructions on how to order yours.

Free Bluetooth headset!

When playing online games on the PS3 a headset is pretty much vital. I play a lot of Team Fortress 2 (despite its many exploits on the console) and it sucks because almost no one has a headset. Well here is your chance you lazy bums and cheapskates alike. Over on they have a Soyo Freestyler 500 Bluetooth Headset for $10 with free shipping, and a deal where if you sign up for a new Google Checkout account you get $10 off. This makes the whole thing, a $70 value, free. There is really no excuse. Just make sure when choosing shipping you go down to the value one.