Pepsi’s New Clothes.


The Pepsi logo that we know (and love?) was more or less established in 1962. Now why would a company take nearly 50 years of Brand identity and flush it down the toilet? Obviously, their decision wasn’t made by the strength of the logo on its own. This new logo is a garbage can of trends that will show its age within the next few years. My money is on the “emporer’s new clothes” phenomina. It appears that PepsiCo has been tricked out of not only 50 years of brand history but, no doubt, millions of dollars, and a decent logo (which can be made to look like a morbidly obese pepsi fanboy). In a branding pitch that talks about The Golden Ratio, The Mona Lisa, Gravitational pull of a grocery isle, and light years, its amazing they weren’t laughed out of the conference room. Now whenever I walk to the train I have to look at this crap everywhere. Coke4Lyfe

GT5:Prologue Interface Design

As a designer, when I play games I try to notice design elements that stand out as either overwhelmingly good or bad. On last week’s Full Moon Show, they had Jake Stones, the UI Designer from Insomniac Games (Resistance, Ratchet and Clank, etc…). He was talking about various things that go into interface design for modern videogames and it was all pretty interesting.

Yesterday I got GT5 and one of the first things that I noticed was how fantastic the interface is. From animation to ease of use, everything is wonderful. Even the use of descriptive icons is spot on. I know that a lot of UI designers feel like their work goes un-noticed, but man… GT5’s is real slick.

New Blog Design & Jens Lekman

Well, as you can see, I’ve updated my site to include a new design. I did the whole thing in WordPress, which is kinda crazy for me because I’ve been using blogger for like 5 or 6 years now. Anyway, hope you like pink.

Liz and I saw Jens Lekman play. It was really awesome. I hadn’t heard of him till last week. PJ let me borrow his iPod so I could listen to some of his stuff at work. I thought it was pretty cool and I must say, I’m really glad we went to the show.