PlayOn! could be awesome.

On gizmodo today they posted a link to this program called PlayOn. What it does is allows you to stream youtube, hulu, netflix (soon) and other channels programming to the PS3. I just tested it out and it seemed to work just great. Even for HD content. The picture quality isn’t pristeen but for streaming its pretty decent.

PlayOn is in beta (read: free) and the trial period is 60 days after which you’ll be able to purchase it for $30. Which I am considering, depending on how well netflix’s works on it. I hope netflix ramps up the number of their streaming movies as well.

Unfortunately, the program only runs on PC for now.

More Metal Gear Online Beta news

Metal Gear Online Screen

Ok, so now the Metal Gear Online Beta is “planned” to be released on Friday, the 25th. Planned. That means Konami is trying to get their servers ready. Hopefully this time the thing can get off the ground. I’m just happy the thing wasnt freakin’ canceled like was being presupposed on GAF.