Cooliris – Awesome Firefox add-on


I rely on quite a few firefox add-ons for day to day use of the internet. Delicious Bookmarks, Colorzilla, Web Developer Toolbar, Firebug, Measure It — Most of my them are pretty practical. Tonight I stumbled upon an add-on that is just down right cool and I had to install it.

It’s called Cooliris, and transforms pages of images like flickr or google images into one long 3d wall of photos. It has nice smooth animation and allows you to look at all the photos without having to click next page over and over. You can also click on any image and it zooms in and downloads a higher resolution version of that image. Using your mouse wheel zooms the camera in or out so you can see either more or less of the thumbnails at once.

Its just sooo cool! Give it a try!