GC 2008 – Playstation Announcements

Sony had their press conference today in Leipzig, Germany. They announced some pretty cool stuff that will be making its way stateside this year.

First, they announced a new 160GB PS3 bundle that comes with Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. It will have the same functionality as the new 80GB one, which means no backward compatibility.

They announced a new revision to the PSP hardware, the PSP-3000 includes a new LCD screen, and a built in microphone for use with Skype. The entertainment packs will stay at $199, while a stand alone PSP will still be $169.

Finally, Sony announced a bluetooth keyboard (pictured above) that will snap onto Sixaxis or Dualshock3 controllers. I guess it even has a mode that turns the main key area into a sort of laptop style touchpad. I dont know how that will work but sounds pretty cool. It also has buttons that will jump straight to your friends list and message box on the XMB.