Upcoming Cosplay – Johnny (Akiba)

Johnny Akiba

Cosplaying as snake was so fun at SDCC last year that I decided that in 2009 I want to do it again. I wont be going this year, but next time I want to go as Jonny “Akiba” Sasaki from MGS4. Last night I was hunting around the internet for the right type of plate carrier that Fox Hound members use in the game and I stumbled upon the exact one.

MGS4 Fox Hound Plate Carrier

I ordered that, and a Fox Hound patch from this place.

The plate carrier is kind of expensive, but I figure i’ll be buying the costume spread out over a year so it shouldnt be as painful as assembling the naked snake costume in like 2 months.

David Hayter on Podcast Beyond next week

Next week’s episode of Podcast Beyond is going ot be amazing. David Hayter, voice of solid snake, will be their very special guest. Interviews with Hayter are always really good, so expect lots of snake voice.