Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

Metal Gear Solid 4 Review

I just finished Metal Gear Solid 4. I got it last night at midnight, got home at 12:10, then played till 5 am. The next day I played from around 11am till now. Pretty much without any breaks. The whole game took me right around 20 hours to complete (And I managed to get “Eagle” for my codename). Enough anecdotes, onto the review.

Metal Gear Solid 4, is a fantastic game. It takes all of the craziness and out-there plots of the past 3 MGS games and manages to tie all of them up, and conclude every character’s story perfectly. You even come to understand why the hell Liquid pretty much took over Ocelot’s body after having his arm graphted on.

The gameplay is very similar to the old games, but with a notable update to the controls. The shooting is great, albiet way easier just using the crosshairs or investing in a scope attachment for your gun. The barrel sights and lazer sights are much harder to use because of how much of your vision is obscured by the gun (because unlike most FPS games, in metal gear you actually hold the gun up to your face to aim in first person. The amount of weapons available in the game are crazy. I picked up most of mine off of enemies and had Drebin (an armsdealer you meet early on in the game) unlock the ID bindings so that I could use them. But in Drebin’s store there are tons of guns, add-ons, and explosives. I was surprised with how much variety there was in the gameplay. From firefights, to tailing a mark, to car chases, to tracking people through the wilderness. This game has it all. Not to mention a healthy heaping of Tactical Espionage (Action). The boss fights were amazing and really fun. The lengthy codec conversation with Drebin after each BB Corps fight gets kind of tired, but luckily there are only 4 of those. I wish the story of how they became what the did came from their mouths after the fight or something.

The story is pretty much exactly what I wanted from this game. It neatly ends Solid Snake’s story and brings everything out into the light of day. I think for people that find themselves scratching their heads at the end of metal gear games, this will be a big sigh of releaf. I think David Hayter gives his best voice performance since the original Metal Gear Solid in 1998. It was pretty awesome.

Finally, the graphics. Holy Crap! This game is one of the finest games I’ve played, at times it rivals Crysis. The faces are more stylized, but they are super detailed and look fantastic. Also, it sounds weird, but I was really impressed with how realistic the tears were. The art team really pushed the PS3 to its limits, and everything runs nice and smooth. I don’t think I ever saw any slowdown.

If you own a PS3 you should already have this game. It’s the best game on the PS3 so far, and best MGS of the series in my opinion.

MGS4 Limited Edition Blu-Ray

In an interview on Ryan Payton, Assistant Producer on MGS4, said that in the DVD that is going to ship with the Limited Edition of MGS will have almost 2 hours of extra content in the form of documentaries and such. With that much time dedicated to behind the scenes stuff I hope it goes into detail about the process and what they went through developing their first PS3 game.

New MGS4 Footage – Spoilers!

Wow. This new MGS trailer is pretty rad. It raises some confusion. I don’t want to spoil anything here but hit the jump if you don’t care. Lets just say that the trailer shows a non-Middle East location.

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Old Snake PVC Figure (cheaper one)

Old Snake Medicom

I have been buying a lot of stuff lately. I just ordered an Old Snake figure from Hobbyfan. This is not the 12″ one that is like a trillion dollars. This one stands about 7″ tall and is like $20. I saw it when I was at Comic Con last summer, and I’m totally willing to take the price/quality hit.

MGS4 Headset Real?

MGS Headset Math

A few days ago Kotaku posted a picture of a MGS4 themed headset. The renders of it didn’t look very real but a new post this morning suggests otherwise. The headset will be released on June 12th along with the game and retail for $60 USD. It comes with a carrying case, 8 hour talk time, auto shut-off, and a sweet MKII style design.

I’m still skeptical.

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