Metal Gear [5?] Wallpaper


As Metal Gear fans around the world watch Kojimas Countdown > Countdown > Countdown the anticipation for the next game in the series grows. In the past few days there have been reveals of several “familiar faces” including a raiden look-alike with brown eyes and what appears to be big boss. I threw together a quick wallpaper (1920×1200) using some of the counter’s image assets. Enjoy! (click the image to get the full size or click below) You cant really see it in the preview but it says MGS5 very faintly in the top section and has a diagonal line pattern.

Click me for badass MGS5 wallpaper!

MGS5 Confirmed?


Kojima’s Countdown has finally revealed something other than a field and numbers slowly ticking down. In today’s countdown update after several lightning strickes Big Boss’s face emerges. I cant wait to hear more about this game. I just hope that it is a full game for PS3 and not some PSP game.