Metal Gear Online – Sneak King Edition

Sometime over the weekend MGO added a new game mode. Its called Team Sneak, where one whole team is invisible while the other team tries to take them out. Once discovered, you lose your invisibility, and have to fight it out. You can eventually go invisible again by not being seen for awhile (?). I’m not sure if this is accurate because I only played a few rounds and I died after being discovered every time.

They also added the ability for the host to add a headshot only mode, where headshots earn you points, but body shots subtract points. Neat.

I noticed these updates on Sunday but I didn’t know if they were brand new or if they were added a few weeks ago when I hadnt been playing. Thanks to ArsTechnica for the confirmation.

MGO Update ready for download

Konami has released update 1.02 for their Metal Gear Solid Online Premiere Beta. Relax, its a quick download. Took me about 5 minutes to update it.

The beta officially starts Friday at midnight Pacific time (OK, technically Sat).

New TF2 Medic Weapons Revealed

New Medic Weapons

All 3 of these weapons are unlocked by performing in game achievements in the PC version of the game. Valve hasn’t confirmed if or when these weapons will make their way to the console versions.

Blutsaugher is the first of the 3 weapons and is unlocked by completing 12 of the 36 achievements. Its a new syringe gun that saps the enemie’s life and refills your own. It is not able to score critical hits.

For unlocking 24 of the achievements the Critzcrieg will award its user the power to not uber-charge their team mates, but to make their chance of hitting a critical hit 100% for a short time.

The final addition to the Medic’s arsenal, requiring all of the achievements, is the Ubersaw. This melee weapon charges your other mediguns with each hit, including your normal medigun and the critzcrieg. After about 4 attacks they will be 100% charged and ready to go.

In addition to all the weapons upgrades a new game mode was also suggested, though no details were given. These new weapons are pretty bad ass. I cant wait to see what the other characters in the game get with their inevitable upgrades.

All updates are said to be coming to the PC “shortly after April 15th”.