Online vs Offline – Buying things.


I’m going on a trip in a few days. My step brother is getting married so I figured I’d be taking a lot of photos. Right now I just have a single 2GB SanDisk Extreme III CF card, while the card is great, it doesn’t let me take all that many photos. Today I realized that I may need additional cards. I looked at Best Buy and Walgreens and both placed had 2gb cards for around $40. I went online to (my new favorite camrea stuff store) and right on the front page they had a sale on 5 2gb SanDisk Extreme III CF cards for $50. WTF!? Even though I wont get them in time for the wedding, an additional 8GB of storage for $10? yes please.

Seriously, buying stuff in stores is fucking dead to me.

Olympus BLM-1 battery replacement on the cheap

Olympus brand replacement batteries for E-500 cameras are expensive. The official Olympus BLM-1 battery MSRPs for $90. You can find it online for around $44, but still. If you already have a battery that is a lot of money for a backup. Enter the BLM-1 Replacement battery by Adorama. It’s $4, and judging by the reviews pretty much equivalent to the official one. Mine is in the mail.

Thanks to el chupapadre for the tip.

Precision Design DSLR300 Flash Review

A few days ago I mentioned how I had purchased a flash for my camera. Well I’ve had a few days to mess around with it and have a few thoughts. First of all, this flash is BRIGHT. I’ve taken pictures in very low light situations and when I bounced it properly, it came out great. My one complaint is that the flash and the camera dont do as much talking as I imagine an official Olympus Flash would do. The camrea’s flash settings really dont effect how the flash fires at all. How you can controll it is the little switch on the back of the flash itself it has a few different modes that are different strengths.

All that being said, I’m glad I bought it. For the price you really cant beat it. It has a great range of motion so you can pretty much always get it to point where you want it to bounce.

Noise Ninja


I picked up Noise Ninja the other day. You can get it as either a plug-in for photoshop or a stand alone app. As the name implies it stealthily murders noise in your photographs. I took a photo of my Soge King figure at 1600 ISO in low light so I would be sure that it was going to be pretty noisy. The picture above doesn’t really show anything because its been resized, so go hit some jumps for 100% crops!

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Illegal Photography


Today I decided that I wanted to take some pictures on the way home from work. I got off the Green line at Clinton and walked to Clark and Lake snapping photos. I took some of the Sears Tower, and some of random stuff. About half way to the train station a police car pulled in front of me and two officers stepped out. The male officer approched me and asked “Were you taking pictures in the Metra station?”. I told him I hadn’t, but I had been taking pictures near the metra station and that I had walked from Clinton. He turned to his partner and said “It may not even be the same guy. He had a black bag I think.” I adjusted my green bag and looked as confused as possible. Burn Notice tells me that this is a good way to avoid the suspicion of wrongdoing. Not knowing if I had done something wrong it wouldn’t hurt just to be safe. The officers continued to question me. They asked if I had seen anyone else with a camera on my walk over here, if I was a photographer, and other weird stuff. After about 5 minutes of talking to them they thanked me, got in their cruiser, and drove off.

On the up side, I took some nice photos.

Zuiko 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0


A few days ago I received my Zuiko 12-60mm lens. On Friday I went downtown to take some pictures and test it out.. I really like the extra focal length I get with it, and its focusing speed, sharpness, and color are all vast improvements over the kit lens I got with my camera. The build quality of the 12-60mm is great as well. It feels solid, and the focusing ring and zoom ring both have the perfect amount of tension. Another plus is that I haven’t noticed any creep at all, meaning that when zooming the lense stays where I zoom to and that it doesnt slowly collapse under the weight of its internal components. This translates to being able to zoom the lens to where you want it and you can look up and down as much as you want and it will stay where you put it.

Everything I read about this lens before I bought it is absolutely true and I think the 12-60mm is a fantastic choice for someone looking to upgrade from their kit lens.

Free Color Balance Card(s)


I stumbled upon this website, which had a “cheap” way to make a color calibration and white balance target card. There was no shipping and the flooring samples are free, so its actually the best kind of cheap: Free. What these do is allow you to make sure your camera is capturing the correct color and exposure and if its not you can easily correct for it by knowing what white, black, and middle grey are. Its pretty smart. I have my samples ordered (I got the 3×5 size).