Photoshop – Snap Shape Layers to Pixel


When you draw a shape in photoshop as a either as a shape or a path, you often get this lame fraction of a pixel situation that results in semi transparent, soft, stupid looking edges. It’s bugged me for years, but I’ve never taken the time to try and figure out a work around until today. After literally seconds of looking I found this article, which completely solves the problem. I dont know why this wouldn’t come enabled by default but its a freaking miracle that its there and that it works.

Noise Ninja


I picked up Noise Ninja the other day. You can get it as either a plug-in for photoshop or a stand alone app. As the name implies it stealthily murders noise in your photographs. I took a photo of my Soge King figure at 1600 ISO in low light so I would be sure that it was going to be pretty noisy. The picture above doesn’t really show anything because its been resized, so go hit some jumps for 100% crops!

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Color Profiles in Photoshop CS3 and Windows

For awhile now I’ve been running into problems with color profiles. I’d be working in photoshop and go to save for web and the colors would be completely different. Annoying. Later, I realized that tapping ctrl + Y to enter proof color mode would display the real colors that would save out.

Just tonight I found this blog post that completely put all of my color issues to bed. Man, what a relief.