Is this Sony’s “BIG” announcement?

Sony announced last week that today they would be making a big announcement. This morning they devulged that the PS2 is dropping in price to $99.99. If a 10 year old system dropping in price is a big announcement, then im not sure they understand the meaning of “big”.

Hopefully this is just a April fools announcement and the real biggie will come out later today. Hopefully.

Konami ID page updated (Fixed)

Konami ID Site

I didn’t run into any problems securing my Konami ID, but I’ve been hearing a lot of stories about people who couldn’t get the site to work, or had problems with it timing out, etc. Thankfully, Konami has pushed out a new version of the form, which is much faster, and easier to read (Form design matters people!).

If you couldnt get it working before, now would be a good time to get your Konami and Game IDs. The beta is up tonight with any luck.