Sixaxis finally pulls its own weight – Flower Impressions


So, last night I picked up Flower from the PSN. I’ve only played the first 2 levels, but I was really impressed with it. Normally when games use Sixaxis control it kind of makes me want to barf. I couldn’t get used to it in Wipeout, or Motorstorm, but in Flower it really works. The goal of the game is to fly around and tap unbloomed flowers in the landscape and when all of the ones in the area are bloomed life and color is restored. Its a really simple premise, but it translates to really fun gameplay. Visually, this game is ridiculous. every blade of grass is visible, and waves around as you pass by, the colors are amazing, and the lighting is fantastic. Flower is the perfect game to play after getting a Platinum trophy in Fallout 3 (woo hoo!). Oh, and its only $10.

Home Closed Beta

I just got an email from Sony saying that I’m in the Home Closed Beta. I am excited to give it a shot later today.

[Update]: I played around with it last night. Though I’m not certain how much of it is under NDA (didnt read the legal stuff), so I wont say too much about it. It seems pretty cool, though. I am curious how they are going to deal with more people when its fully released. The spaces arent big enough to have everyone on PSN on at once, so they must have some way to send people to different home servers or something, maybe based on location? Who knows.

Trophies on PS3

Super Stardust HD

Last night I bought Super Stardust HD off of PSN. It is (I believe) the only game that has already been patched to include trophy support. I beat the first 2 worlds and ended up getting 3 trophies for it. The game itself is really cool, and much more fun than the demo suggests. I think once trophies catch on playing games on the PS3 will be much more attractive to people who are currently “Achievement Whores” on Xbox Live.

PSN store update 6/05/2008

Qore - PSN

This week’s PSN update is up. It went up later than normal and contains a bunch of good stuff including their new service Qore. Qore is pretty cool. I subscribed to the year subscription and got Calling all Cars for free. After watching the first episode, I like it and look forward to more. The only problem I have is that every time you go into a section there is like a 30 second ad. Annoying for something you’re paying for. Anyway, the video features are pretty great for people like me who love documentaries and interviews.

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PSN Update 05/08/2008

Games and Demos
Haze demo
The Bourne Conspiracy demo
GRID demo
SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 2 demo for PSP

Add-ons and Expansions
PixelJunk Monsters Encore expansion ($5.99)
Guitar Hero III “Muse Track Pack” ($6.25) – “Exo-Politics”, “Stockholm Syndrome” and “Supermassive Black Hole” by Muse
Rock Band tracks ($1.99 each) – “Date with the Night” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “It Hurts” by Angels & Airwaves and “This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race” by Fall Out Boy
Rock Band “Scene Pack” ($5.49)

Game Videos
WipEout HD trailer
Mirror’s Edge trailer
Mercenaries 2 “Payback” trailer
Overlord: Raising Hell trailer
The Wheelman trailer
TNA Impact! “Gamer’s Day” trailer
PlayStation 3 “What You Need” video

Movie and Television Trailers
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull teaser trailer
The Love Guru trailer
Iron Man trailer

Wallpapers and Themes
PixelJunk Monsters wallpapers
PixelJunk Monsters theme
Sports theme

PSN store update 2/24/2008

Iron Man comes to PS3

This week’s Playstation Store update is pretty gigantic. Hit the jump for the expansive list of glory. Highlights for me are the Iron Man demo and the GT5 Wallpaper.

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PSN Store Update 4/17/2008

After this week’s store redesign people were expecting lots of stuff for the PSN update this week. Well god damn, people were right! Hit the jump for the full list of stuff.

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