Resident Evil 5 Demo


Last night I played a bunch of the Resident Evil 5 demo CO-OP with my friend Jason. After being killed a few times we were able to beat both of the sections available in the demo. My only gripe is the availability of ammo. I realize that in survival horror games your resources are supposed to be limited to create tension, but we were both either out of ammo or almost out for both boss fights.

During the shanty town level there is a time when you’re fighting a dude with a chain saw and we blew up like 4 barrels next to him and shot him with what little ammo we had and threw every grenade we could find and only were just able to beat him thanks to Jason’s rifle. It was a pretty hectic fight, but that made it pretty fun. It was kind of a pain trying to run over and trade ammo with Jason while a dude was about to hack us up. I wish they’d streamline the “Give” mechanic a little.

I really enjoyed playing it CO-OP, but I’m not sure how fun I would have if I was playing single player. I think having a friend there to talk to and coordinate with was a lot of the reason that it was fun. Overall it seems like a pretty good game if you’re into that sort of thing. The controls are kind of wonky, maybe playing with the sensitivity a little would fix it but I felt like turning was pretty slow. I also found myself wishing that when you started a turn the camera would turn slightly faster than the character so that even if it takes a bit to turn around at least you’d be able to quickly look around and take in the situation visually.

Resident Evil 5 Demo on PSN Feb 5th


On Thursday February 5th the Playstation Network will be getting a Resident Evil 5 demo. According to PS3fanboy the demo will include 2 levels of the game that can be played either single player with an AI controlled partner, or co-op (split screen, or over PSN) . You’ll also be able to choose which control style you want, though I’m assuming most will stick with the “action” style controls which are appearently less tank-like. With Killzone 2’s demo coming out that week too, I dont know what I’ll be dedicating my time to.