Precision Design DSLR300 Flash Review

A few days ago I mentioned how I had purchased a flash for my camera. Well I’ve had a few days to mess around with it and have a few thoughts. First of all, this flash is BRIGHT. I’ve taken pictures in very low light situations and when I bounced it properly, it came out great. My one complaint is that the flash and the camera dont do as much talking as I imagine an official Olympus Flash would do. The camrea’s flash settings really dont effect how the flash fires at all. How you can controll it is the little switch on the back of the flash itself it has a few different modes that are different strengths.

All that being said, I’m glad I bought it. For the price you really cant beat it. It has a great range of motion so you can pretty much always get it to point where you want it to bounce.

Zuiko 12-60mm f/2.8-4.0


A few days ago I received my Zuiko 12-60mm lens. On Friday I went downtown to take some pictures and test it out.. I really like the extra focal length I get with it, and its focusing speed, sharpness, and color are all vast improvements over the kit lens I got with my camera. The build quality of the 12-60mm is great as well. It feels solid, and the focusing ring and zoom ring both have the perfect amount of tension. Another plus is that I haven’t noticed any creep at all, meaning that when zooming the lense stays where I zoom to and that it doesnt slowly collapse under the weight of its internal components. This translates to being able to zoom the lens to where you want it and you can look up and down as much as you want and it will stay where you put it.

Everything I read about this lens before I bought it is absolutely true and I think the 12-60mm is a fantastic choice for someone looking to upgrade from their kit lens.