Windows 7 RC1 Impressions


Back in the fledgling days of  2009 Microsoft released the Windows 7 Beta, build 7000, and it was pretty awesome. I’ve used it on my laptop quite a bit in the last  5 months and its returned the favor with rock solid performance and stability.

Enough of this “past” whoo haa! These are cutting edge times, my friends! These days build 7000 is for LAME-O’s all the cool kids have Windows 7 build 7100 (or RC1 ). I just finished installing it and I’ve done very little on it, added firefox and a few plugins, changed the wallpaper, looked around the control panel. The speed of version 7000 is definitely still noticeable. There have been a few UI tweaks and the default backgrounds have been refreshed.

There is some new software included with the install. A built in “snipping tool”, which helps you grab screenshots (either full page or selected area). Nice to finally have something like this built in. the old “prnt scrn” button has always been a pain in the ass. One thing lacking in the snipping tool is a scrolling capture for long web pages. Probably not a big deal for most but for those of us that make millions of PDFs out of web pages… Fast Stone Capture it is. I’ve been told on twitter that this was in Vista but for the life of me I cannot find it. So slap this one in the “new to me” camp.

There is also an updated magnifying tool built in standard. Works really well.

Finally, a Windows XP mode for those of you that do not live in modern times like the rest of us.

Build 7100 really has me excited for the release of Windows 7. It will be the first version of windows I’ll purchase not pre-installed on a computer.

Firefox 3 (RC1) is Delicious

firefox rc1

I am a pretty savvy guy when it comes to the web. fact. So it’s been kind of bugging me that I haven’t been able to upgrade to Firefox 3. You see, I’ve become hopelessly reliant on several firefox addons, with Delicious at the top of the list. I drew a line in the sand yesterday and decided to throw caution to the wind and upgrade anyway. Afterwards, I scoured the internet for a beta of the Delicious plugin and after only a few minutes… success! Yahoo has released a beta of their addon for people looking to experience the new firefox without being hopelessly crippled and unable to see their universal favorites list.

Now, for a little review of firefox 3 after the break.

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