Cooliris – Awesome Firefox add-on


I rely on quite a few firefox add-ons for day to day use of the internet. Delicious Bookmarks, Colorzilla, Web Developer Toolbar, Firebug, Measure It — Most of my them are pretty practical. Tonight I stumbled upon an add-on that is just down right cool and I had to install it.

It’s called Cooliris, and transforms pages of images like flickr or google images into one long 3d wall of photos. It has nice smooth animation and allows you to look at all the photos without having to click next page over and over. You can also click on any image and it zooms in and downloads a higher resolution version of that image. Using your mouse wheel zooms the camera in or out so you can see either more or less of the thumbnails at once.

Its just sooo cool! Give it a try!

CO-OP now on revision 3!!!


I was always a fan of The 1up Show. When Ziff got bought out by UGO I was pretty upset. All of the journalists that I had come to respect over the years were being scattered to the wind. The 1up Show was one thing I could look forward to each week, and now it was gone. Damn.

Luckily, Matt, Ryan, Jay and the rest formed Area 5. With donations from us, the fans, they were able to continue producing amazing weekly content. Unfortunately all of these guys were still jobless so their new show CO-OP was in just as much danger as ever of going off the “air” for good.

Well today all that has changed. CO-OP is now moving to Revision 3, which puts out some of my other favorite shows including Diggnation and The Totally Rad Show. Hopefully this means that they’ll be receiving paychecks and funding. Long live CO-OP!

Season premiere tonight!

Raffles are fun!

I watched the latest episode of Diggnation and they had a sponsor called Its some website that you sign up for (free) and then take tickets for different raffles (also free). A percentage of the money they get from the advertisers on the site they donate to charity. Sounds pretty win/win. Cant hurt to give it a shot. I like free stuff!

Google Chrome

My first thought after hearing about Google Chrome was “why?!”. While that question still hasn’t been completely answered, being a web designer/developer I figured I should give it a shot and, begrudgingly, I kinda like it.

I couldn’t deal with there not being a home button on the top bar so I turned that, and the bookmarks bar on first thing. Once that shit was out of the way I started browsing my normal list of sites. The interface is clean and has neat little animations that slide menus in and out. I really like the overlay thing that pops up on the bottom left of the screen when you mouse over a link. And the little animation that plays when a download starts is pretty cool as well.

The best thing this browser has going for it, and something I think every other browser should now do, is to treat each tab as a separate process. If something crashes a certain web page instead of losing everything just that tab dies. It’s a pretty smart way to do things.

I doubt that Chrome will become my browser of choice (still far too reliant on firefox add-ons), but at the very least it may help push some interesting innovations to Firefox and IE.

A fucking ray of light from heaven.

Being a web designer can be pretty shitty sometimes. By sometimes I mean when checking your site it Internet Explorer 6 (IE6 from now on). IE6 plays shuffle board with your beautifully layed out divs and ps resulting in a jumbled mess for which you must write a new CSS file, or use other tricks, to get the one that SHOULD work working.

The second problem with IE6 is that it cant simultaniously exist on the same machine as IE7 is installed on… UNTIL NOW! I am working on a freelance site and not having multiple computers around with various installs of IE like at work is making testing it nigh impossible. This morning I did a little search on google for a solution and on top of the pile of installing virtual PC bullshit with windows XP images there was this.

Its called IETester, and is just that. It lets you test websites in IE 5.5, 6, 7, and 8 beta. It’s probably stupid that im this excited about it, but hot damn. Finally.

Firefox 3 Out Today

Firefox 3 is out today. Mozilla is trying to get the most software downloads in a single day so go get it ASAP. You can get Firefox 3 from either of the links below. Its a lot faster, the “awesome” bar is pretty nice, I really like the way Firefox 3 asks about storing passwords (it lets you wait till after you’ve successfully log in to give it the OK), I dunno, its a nice browser. Give it a shot!