Raffles are fun!

I watched the latest episode of Diggnation and they had a sponsor called raffstar.com. Its some website that you sign up for (free) and then take tickets for different raffles (also free). A percentage of the money they get from the advertisers on the site they donate to charity. Sounds pretty win/win. Cant hurt to give it a shot. I like free stuff!

mint.com – All your financial info. 1 place.

Last night I heard about mint.com. It allows you enter your bank information, credit card info, loans, retirement, etc boils all that data together to give you a good picture of what you’re spending on what and gives you neat graphs and such. It is really helpful knowing that I have X amount spent in my credit card and spent X last month over the course of the month. Pretty cool service and I think its something I’ll actually be using from now on.

Oh, and for those scared about security. The service is “read-only” which means that even if someone were to gain access to your mint account they wouldnt be able to change anything, but just to be safe I came up with a ridiculous password. Plus the site has a PC Magazine Editor’s Choice award, so that gives it some cred as well.

Shitty circumstance.

So awhile ago I was running a website at ff-future.com (no longer is anything) I tried doing a webcomic but due to laziness I only had a run of 3 comics. Two of these bad boys are in the archives –> but the last, and probably funniest one, got deleted and for some reason I had no backup of it. I tired to contact my old host to see if he had it on the old server for dontlookaway.net (no longer anything). Frown.

iPod Touch/iPhone rendering test

iPod Render

I’ve been making some slight modifications to the design for the past few days and checking browser compatibility on various platforms. It works pretty much identically on all of them now. I was having some problems with IE6 but I think I have those ironed out.

I checked tonight how it looked on my iPod touch and it is actually really nice looking. Cool.

WordPress upgrade

I’ve only had wordpress installed for a day, but i guess my hosting gave me an old version. I just went through the process of backing up my database and upgrading the wordpress install. Its kind of a pain, but at least now I’ll on the most recent version.