– its pretty cool

Quick! Do you like music?

Of course you do! If you don’t you’re probably either deaf or some barely functioning tree man. Anyway, as a music loving individual you probably want your music to be portable so that you can listen to it on the go. iPods are the solution for listening on the go and they are great, but they only have a limited amount of space (especially the solid state stuff like nanos and iPhones). A few days ago I signed up for this site called

If you let it, it can look through your music folder and check against it servers, which then gives you the ability to listen to all of the music online. If their server’s don’t have the music, your computer then uploads it. Having a completely mobile library of literally ALL of your music is pretty rad. It’s free so go check it out. Less exciting, lala also gives you the ability to buy music from them.